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  • V. Cuzuel, G. Cognon, D. Thiébaut, I. Rivals, E. Portas, A. Sizun, F. Heulard & J. Vial (2017)
    Reconnaître un suspect grâce à son odeur : du chien aux outils analytiques
    Spectra Analyse 31.


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2018 I. Rivals, V. Cuzuel, G. Cognon, R. Leconte, D. Thiébaut, C. Sauleau & J. Vial GC×GC-MS and Bayesian testing in forensics: towards the (...) 

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Journal papers

2019 V. Attali, L. Clavel, P. Rouc, I. Rivals, S. Remy-Neris, W. Skalli & Thomas Similowski Compensation of respiratory-related postural (...) 

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